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Restoration of seagrass habitat leads to rapid recovery of coastal ecosystem services

Key Takeaway: Since 1999, 3612 ha of seagrass have recovered in Atlantic Coastal Lagoons. This study can serve as a blueprint for restoring and maintaining healthy ecosystems.

The greenhouse gas offset potential from seagrass restoration

Key Takeaway: The financial benefit of the VCR restoration is $87 K at $10 MtCO2e−1. This is without including seagrass co-benefits, which provide additional incentives for restoration.

Long‐term trends and resilience of seagrass metabolism: A decadal aquatic eddy covariance study

Key Takeaways: “Seagrass die‐off events induce loss of carbon accumulated over long time scales, with the added potential to create a positive climate feedback loop.”

Dynamics of benthic metabolism, O2, and pCO2 in a temperate seagrass meadow

Key Takeaway: “Their findings did not support the notion that seagrass meadows may be ‘winners’ in future oceans with elevated CO2 concentrations and more frequent temperature extremes.”

Depth Affects Seagrass Restoration Success and Resilience to Marine Heat Wave Disturbance

Key takeaway: depth is key to seagrass recovery, and not all areas where seagrass can grow will be resilient to heatwaves.

The future of Blue Carbon science

Key Takeaways: This overview provides a comprehensive road map for the coming decades on future research in BC science

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